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Small Caps Still Solid – Weekly Market Commentary 1/25/21

Small caps have had an incredible run since the Russell 2000 Index bottomed on March 18, 2020, returning 119% compared to the S&P 500 Index’s 60% return over the period. Will small cap outperformance continue in 2021? The early stages of this business cycle may help determine the direction for small caps as well as earnings per share, stock valuations, and technical trends.  Read entire commentary here:

Earnings Recession is Likely Over – Weekly Market Commentary 1/19/21

This earnings season likely will be the last of the earnings recession. After year-over-year declines in the first three quarters of 2020, the fourth quarter likely will make it four in a row. Looking ahead, earnings are likely to grow solidly in the first quarter 2021 and throughout the year, which we think will enable stocks to grow into their lofty valuations.  Read entire commentary here:

Market Policy Projections for 2021 – Weekly Market Commentary 1/11/21

As a result of the Senate runoffs in Georgia, Democrats are poised to take control of the US Senate, which would give them a majority in both houses of Congress. This will shift the policy outlook moderately to the left, but majorities are still razor-thin, giving moderates heavy influence. We also envision a potential move toward increased bipartisanship, which may help bring more clarity to policy in 2021.  Read entire commentary here:

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