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Tweaking Our Forecasts – Weekly Market Commentary 8/19/19

Recession fears from the yield curve inversion offset the boost from the tariff delay. Trade fears swung around stocks last week before some tariffs were delayed August 13 to avoid impacting the holiday shopping season.  On August 14, the first inversion of the 2-year/10-year Treasury yield curve since 2007 sparked recession fears, which caused stocks to erase the prior day’s gains. For the week, a variety of factors weighed on sentiment, including trade, slowing global growth, and plunging sovereign bond yields.  Read entire commentary here:

The New (Ab)normal – Weekly Market Commentary 8/12/19

Stocks endured significant volatility last week but showed some resilience Wednesday, August 7, when the S&P 500 Index dropped as much as 2% intraday before rallying back late to close slightly positive. Stocks ended the week near flat, putting the S&P 500 about 3% away from its record high. Read entire commentary here:

ore On Fed Rate Cut Implications – Weekly Market Commentary 7/29/19

The Federal Reserve (Fed) is likely to start an easing cycle this week, which has several investment implications. We have written a fair amount about the Fed’s U-turn in policy stance this year, including last week’s Weekly Market Commentary. That reversal from raising rates to presumably lowering them will become a reality if the Fed cuts rates at this week’s policy meeting,  which concludes on Wednesday, July 31. Here we look at some potential asset allocation implications from this monetary policy transition.  Read entire commentary here:http://Weekly_Market_Commentary_07292019.pdf