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A Tale of Two Economies – Weekly Market Commentary 11/11/19

Consumer spending has powered the U.S. economy this year as businesses curb investments, waiting for trade and geopolitical uncertainty to fade. We expect that growth will likely slow next year as companies continue to sit out this part of the cycle; however, we expect a strong U.S. labor market and solid consumer spending to fend off a recessionary environment.  Read entire commentary here:

Best Six Months of the Year – Weekly Market Commentary 11/4/19

The S&P 500 Index reached a fresh new high October 28, eclipsing the previous high of 3,025 set July 26, 2019. Recent gains have been impressive amid heightened economic and geopolitical uncertainty, and we believe fundamentals are still supportive of stocks. Now that we’ve entered the historically best six-month period of the year for stocks, could more gains be in store?  Read entire commentary here:

Market Tricks and Treats – Weekly Market Commentary 10/28/19

The stock market has been hovering near record highs despite an assortment of economic and geopolitical risks. In the spirit of Halloween, we discuss some of the tricks and treats that might spook the markets between now and year-end. Trade remains the biggest worry, followed by bond markets, U.S. manufacturing activity, fear of a Fed policy misstep, and global geopolitical concerns.